Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Fair Lawn Public Schools is to promote continuous improvement and high levels of learning, to foster self-confidence and support success for all students, and to engender productive and human citizens empowered by the critical, technological, and communication tools necessary to functions democratically in a global society. Our expectation is that all students achieve the Common Core Content Standards (CCCS) at all grade levels.

Vision Statement

Our slogan, “The Place to Grow,” conveys the belief that we are all a community of learners. We are respected as individuals and valued as partners in the “wonder” of education. Utilizing a variety of assessment techniques that enable us to know the “whole” child, our teachers strive to yuyuyiyimeet the individual needs of children by applying creative and analytical thought to the design and implementation of an inclusive curriculum. An interactive classroom environment supports each child’s unique abilities to learn developmentally, to take risks, to be creative, and to learn from mistakes.