Class News

Unit 3: Number Stories 

In this unit, children we will continue to use addition and subtraction to model and solve number stories.  We will continue to focus on counting objects and using tools such as the number line and number grid to solve addition and subtraction problems. 
boy holding calculator

Measurement/Light & Sound

During the measurement unit, students will develop an understanding of the concept of linear measurement through direct comparison and nonstandard units of measurement.  Students will also be introduced to standard units of measurement - inch and centimeter.  Additionally, we will discuss the science of light and sound. Sounds are all around us, giving us information about our world.  Vibrating matter produces sound.  Sound waves spread out in all directions from the source.  Sound travels to our ears, which work with our brains to analyze and identify the sound.  
Students will be learning this content through fun, hands on activities. 
boy & girl scientist

Tackling Trouble 
This reading unit is focused on tackling trouble as readers.  We will learn different strategies for getting ready to read tricky words.  The focus of this unit is to grow confident readers who can tackle "trouble" when reading independently. 

Writing for Readers
This unit will focus on the essential question of: What do writers do to make sure their writing is readable?
Students will continue to write narrative piece about the things that they have done, the places they have been to, and the people they interact with on a daily basis.  We will continue to strengthen our writing by focusing on the conventions of writing and ways we can improve the writing pieces we have in our folders.  
children reading